Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rudolph Day for July

From the parcel ... handmade magnets by Fuchsia
Rudolph Day for July was uneventful as far as doing any Christmas crafting went, but it was an eventful day in other ways!

I did start out the day by burning a Christmas scented candle on the porch during my quiet time, and I did sip some Candy Cane Lane tea.  Later, I had the leftover tea over ice. 

As for the eventful part of the day, I had my Christmas in July parcel from Fuchsia to open.  I opened the card first

and marveled at the craftsmanship.

Then, I tried to space the opening of the gifts and goodies throughout the day.  The shortbread cookies were especially delicious!  I shared some of those with my daughter and grandchildren, who thoroughly enjoyed them.  There are still some of these yummy shortbread cookies (made in seashell shapes) in my freezer.

The post titled "Christmas in July" below shows the lovely contents of the parcel, so I won't show all the pictures again here.

Part of the fun was also reading the comments of others on the Christmas forum who were also opening their Christmas in July parcels that day.  It was especially fun reading Fuchsia's reaction to the contents of the parcel I sent her -- soon, I hope to post pictures of some of those items.

Suffice it to say that Christmas in July was a wonderful way to celebrate Rudolph Day!