Saturday, October 16, 2021

Some blogging questions answered


My friend Vee, at A Haven for Vee, recently asked some questions of her fellow bloggers:

What do you consider your favorite posts, you personally, at your blog? Do you like putting together a Day in the Life? D├ęcor? Recipes? Deep thoughts? Stories of days gone by? Faith for living? Travel? Book Reviews? Gardening? Something else? All of the above? None of the above? ...  Do you still enjoy blogging?

I've put together a post answering these questions, over on my Kitchen Table blog, but I thought it would be fun to answer them here as well.  My answers for this Christmas blog will obviously be a little different, and some of the questions don't apply at all.  Here we go.

A Day in the Life -- I don't do this type of post very often here in my Christmas Kitchen, but once in a while in December, I'll talk about what Christmasy things I might have done on a particular day.  And I do enjoy sharing that; they may be among my favorite posts and are fun to look back at.  You can find those posts under the label "December Daily"  in the label cloud.

Working on a Pinterest project with my daughter

Josiah helping to make hot chocolate bark, many years ago.  He's 13 now!

Preparing kitchen gifts

The lovely Miss Julia at our annual Christmas outing with her siblings

More kitchen gift prep

 Decor -- I surely do love to decorate for Christmas!  Logically enough, you will find these posts under the label "decorating".  The posts about my own decorating are lots of fun to write, and quite heavy with pictures.  I might also post about ideas from others about how they decorate, or decorations that they might craft.  I often do look back at these to see how and where I decorated for previous Christmas seasons.

Part of my hutch decor one year

Manger scene with stable made by my dad

One of my collection of lighted houses

Stories of days gone by -- yes, I have lots of memory type posts.   You can click "memories" in the label cloud to read them.  As with my regular blog, one reason I started a Christmas blog was as a place to put my memories so I didn't forget them.  They were a pleasure to write, but took a lot of thought also.

Recipes -- Lots of recipes on this blog.   Click the "recipe box" label, or just categories like "kitchen gifts", "cookies", etc.  Recipes are fun to share, and never more than at holiday time.  These are probably some of my favorite posts to write, because I love to cook and bake and exchange recipes with friends.

A simple baking vignette on my kitchen island one year

A personalized cookbook containing dozens of my recipes -- made as a gift

Faith for living
-- Most of my Christmasy posts that touch on this would be Christmas devotionals, so if you're interested just click that label in the label cloud.  Some were written by me and shared with other ladies in a group setting.  Those were work to write, but I've posted them here so I can refer back to them.  Most, though, are devotional thoughts and encouragements shared by others -- and even ideas for not losing sight of the spiritual side of Christmas, the true reason we celebrate.

Book reviews -- While I find book reviews on my Kitchen Table blog a good bit of work to write, the ones here in my Christmas kitchen are fun to put together.  They are great for looking back at, but I particularly like sharing them so others will know what a particular book is like -- and whether or not it would be worth their while to acquire that book.  I still have many, many more Christmas books that I mean to review -- and I'm thinking right now that a few book reviews might be a nice addition to my annual December Daily on both blogs.

Something else -- Several "something else" categories on this blog are ones that I particularly enjoy writing and sharing.  You can find these in the label cloud.  I'm passionate about handmade gifts, so I love writing posts about those.  Crafts of all types and all sorts of techniques might include handmade gifts, but would also include ornaments and decorations.  I love sharing vintage things, not only because of my Etsy shop but also because of growing up in the 1950s and 1960s and being hopelessly nostalgic.  Last but not least, the traditions label includes some of my personal favorite posts to look back on.

These play mats were such fun to make.  Sadly, the hot glue didn't hold up well.  I should have stitched everything in place.

Christmas card banners made with granddaughters

This shadow box showcases some of my small vintage treasures.

Grandson Sam a few years ago celebrating our breakfast, shopping and ice cream expedition

A Kellerhaus ice cream sundae

For 2020, we had to tweak the tradition in order to make it happen, but happen it did, and you can read about it here: Tweaking a tradition.

Do I still enjoy blogging?

Absolutely!  Lord willing, I will continue blogging for a good while yet.  I still enjoy it greatly and still think I have more to share.  Hopefully my readers will agree, but I think I would blog even if no one else read it!