Saturday, May 28, 2016

Snowflakes on a warm day

snowflake-frame scene with church
In hopes of making myself feel a little bit cooler on a ridiculously hot day, I am going to post scans of some gorgeous vintage snowflake cards.  It's hot enough so that the weather service has posted a "special weather statement" concerning the dangerous heat.  It's about 90ยบ but feels much, much warmer to me.  Very humid too. 

So I found these beautiful cards tucked into a box of assorted leftover Christmas cards at my parents' home.  I'm going to simply share the remaining four scenes and call it good.  It's very hot in this computer room.  So here goes:
A little girl with forest creatures -- fawn, bunny, squirrel
Shepherds and Bethlehem.  This one is my least favorite because snowflakes just don't seem to fit with palm trees.
Forest scene with deer
And a festive front door!
Hope you've enjoyed these lovely cards as much as I did!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

At long last! Just in time for Rudolph Day ...

Don't faint, anyone!  Yes, I am here. Better late than never, right?  I thought May's Rudolph Day might be a nice time to share a quick post. 

Isn't the above Christmas card gorgeous?  It's a find from my mother's stationery cupboard.  She apparently sent these to friends one year, for there are five of these alike, with accompanying envelopes.  Inside the card is the following quote from Peter Marshall:

"I thank God for Christmas.  Would that it lasted all year.  For on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, all the world is a better place, and men and women are more lovable.  Love itself seeps into every heart, and miracles happen ...".

The back of the card says that this is quoted from Catherine Marshall's book Let's Keep Christmas

This is such a pretty scene.  I love the leafless birch tree ... something one doesn't often see on a Christmas card, but very true to life for December here in New England.  The color of the card, focusing on the evening sky, is also unusual and striking.  Notice the people walking to the lighted church.  This card was such a nice find.

Today on Rudy Day, this post is probably the one Christmasy thing I'll do.  I've barely thought ahead to any handmade Christmas gifts, much less found time to work on any. 

My life has become intensely busy with eldercare responsibilities, but I do hope to get here to post more often in my Christmas kitchen.  I have many more vintage cards to share, and some gift ideas for kids, and oh ... so many other things.  I'm even hoping to be able to do Christmas in July here again.  We will see!