Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 25 ~ Rudolph Day

Rudolph Day for May was somewhat underwhelming. Wednesdays are always a really busy day for me, with quite a bit of time spent out of the house. I determined I would do a little something for Rudolph Day, even if only a little. So I spent a bit of time with my Christmas notebook, looking over my lists and crafting timelines. I recently bought a couple of components for handmade gifts, so entered that info in my notebook, crossed off under "materials needed" in my handmade gifts section.

And then I also tried out a pattern for crocheted coasters. A friend had sent me some of these in Valentine colors

and I thought they would also look nice in Christmas colors.

I made a dark green one and have started a burgundy one. Haven't found time to take a picture yet!

That was pretty much the extent of my Rudy Day, but I'm pleased to have accomplished even a little something.