Wednesday, November 29, 2017

And two more from the November archives

As promised, here are two more posts from the November archives!

Planning for Christmas baking is just a simple account of how I got a few supplies and ingredients into my pantry in preparation for baking Christmas cookies and other treats.  What you need will, of course, differ from what I need, as we no doubt have varying Christmas favorites.  But this post will hopefully offer you a bit of inspiration to begin your baking.

I didn't go into detail in that post, but just at the very least you will want to stock up on basics like flour, sugar, butter, and so on, and whatever special ingredients you use around the holidays.  Last week I bought pecans and walnuts, for example, and light corn syrup.  Things that I don't necessarily keep on hand all the time.  And it really helps to make a list of what cookies and other kitchen gifts you intend to make.  Locating the recipes for each one (easy for me since I keep them all in a Christmas binder) and looking them over helps with making a list of ingredients one needs to buy.

And then one more from the archives: A 1950s cookie recipe is for my mother's Date-Oatmeal Cookies, which she always included on her cookie trays for neighbors and friends.  They are very good and just the epitome of the 1950s Christmas cookie, being perfectly round, festive with dates and nuts, and with a candied cherry half centered on each.  I'm thinking I may bake a batch myself this year, just for old times' sake!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Two from the November archives

I went browsing through the November archives here in the Christmas kitchen, and found a total of four posts I'd like to share with you.  I thought I would share two of them today, and two more later in the week. 

 This is a perfect time to read Clearing the decks for Christmas preparations.  I just re-read it myself and was quite inspired.  This post will help you through this busy season with more simplicity and ease than you may be used to.

The joy of handcrafting for Christmas shares my heart for crafting handmade gifts.  Sadly, there will be very few this year.  Real life responsibilities have intervened to the point where I just can't fit in time for crafting in this season.  I do hope to make a few ornaments, perhaps.  And I'm praying that by the time I consider crafting gifts for next Christmas, my responsibilities will have lightened a good bit.  But, all that aside -- if you love crafting for Christmas too, you will enjoy this post.

In the next couple days, I'll be sharing my other two picks from the November archives.  One will help you simplify your cookie baking, and the other is a vintage recipe my mother always baked for her cookie trays.  See you then!