Friday, October 25, 2019

October's Rudolph Day

Wow!  Can you believe it?  After today, there is just one more Rudolph Day before Christmas!
This is the message inside the card pictured at top of post.  This card was in my Etsy shop and sold quickly.
I really have not done a lot of Christmasy things today, but I did complete a personalized Shutterfly project that will be a Christmas gift for one of my grandchildren.  I dare not be more specific in case the recipient reads my blogs, but I am quite pleased to have gotten this project completed -- and for free, too!

Recently in chatting with my Nevada daughter she mentioned that her kids have often fondly reminisced about the Quiet-Time Puzzle Kits I've occasionally made for them in the past, and talked about what a fun gift that was.  So I am thinking I'll make those again this year.  They're simple and quick to put together.  Inexpensive too.

She also gave me a couple of other good ideas for easy gifts I might make for her kids.  So I have no shortage of ideas ... just time. 😃

It's possible that tomorrow I may be able to accomplish something else toward Christmas -- like making up my tentative Christmas baking list. We will see!