Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Crafting goals for 2018 ... just a little late

My friend Les, over at the Christmas craft forum, posted some questions/prompts to get us thinking about 2018's crafting goals.  I thought I would answer them here, as well as over on the forum.  Here they are:

- crafting resolutions for the upcoming year
- sort through your WIPs and join DJ’s challenge
- tidy craft room/area
- create a list of projects for 2018
- share any links for interesting projects/ideas

So now I see that I never did answer these over on the forum. This has been a very busy three months [and just how did the entire first quarter of 2018 pass so quickly?] with lots going on.  So I'll do them now.

Crafting resolutions for the upcoming year:
It might be better for me to set goals rather than make resolutions!  One of the biggest is to clean out and reorganize the craft closet so that I can fit all of the items (other than cross stitch/embroidery supplies, which are stored in a trunk in the living room) into one space.

Another goal will be, if at all possible, to finish my "Snow Angels" cross-stitch UFO of many years' standing.  I've been doing a little bit on it every day.

Probably half of the stitching is done with a blended needle with two colors in it.  I find that challenging.  I decided to just jump into stitching the areas that are done with one color and start with that, then the blended needle ones won't be quite as much of a problem.  Much of the other floss will be used up.  There are a ton of colors in this thing as there is a lot of shading.  [As of this writing, a lot has been accomplished and I am just finishing up the back stitching.]

I should have set a goal not to buy any new craft supplies, but I have already bought some on a Joann's Christmas clearance, so it would have been an unmet goal.

I "finished" a winter embroidery piece a year or two ago; it was actually someone else's UFO, but I liked it and so finished the stitching.  This year I would like to truly finish the project.  I'm thinking I may make it into a pillow.  Now I just need to find where I put it!
I'm sure there are other goals I have, but let's move on to the next question, as UFOs are also dealt with there.

Sort through WIPs [works in progress, in case you didn't know] and join DJ's challenge [this is a challenge DJ, a friend on the Christmas forum, sets up every year]:
Well, obviously, the two UFOs mentioned above.  Then there is a set of fabric alphabet letters to finish, a crocheted throw, a charger holder, a dishcloth pattern that I'm trying out, and probably many more.

Tidy craft room/area: That was a big part of my planning for this year, to declutter and reorganize the craft closet and to revamp the entire computer room/craft room/library.  Let's just say that has not happened yet.  But it's still in the plans, hopefully while my hubby has time off from logging during mud season.

Create a list of projects for 2018:
* Christmas tree skirt from Holly Pond Hill fabric
* Winter/Christmas throw
* Chef's hat for Ari
* New barley bag
* Wash and refill current barley bag
* Crocheted coasters and hot mats
* Mug rugs
* Flannel scrunchies
* Book-page banners in seasonal themes
* Simple cross-stitch and embroidery projects as time allows and the spirit moves
My Holly Pond Hill fabric -- finally decided what to use it for!
And that is about all I can think of right now.  This list is bound to fluctuate throughout the year.

* Share any links for interesting projects/ideas: I will be doing this as I go along, most likely in my Christmas in July posts here in my Christmas Kitchen.

So, there you have it, just a little late: my tentative crafting goals for 2018.