Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tentative Christmas baking list for 2010

Last night I spent a few minutes working in my Christmas notebook. I made up a tentative baking list for this Christmas. Here's the list so far:

Whipped Shortbread
Eggnog Logs
Sacher Tortes
Peppermint Cookie Wands*
Almond Raspberry Thumbprints
Chocolate-Dipped Maple Logs*
Double Drizzle Pecan Cookies
Dipped Cherry Cookies
Cashew Crescents*
Mini Cinnamon Roll Cookies*
Golden Apricot Cakes
Paula Deen's Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

Plus other things -- candy making, homemade mixes, etc.
Hot Chocolate Mix
Pink Hot Chocolate Mix*
Bran muffin batter
Lemon Ice Candy
Heavenly Delight

* Denotes a new-to-me recipe.


  1. Oh man! You do it up right! Sounds like lots of yumminess...

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann! I truly do love baking and preparing for Christmas, and I usually need a list to be sure I don't forget anything. This is a short list compared with what I used to do!


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