Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Felt campfire and s'mores!

Animals around the campfire!
This will be a pretty short post.  I just want to share a few pictures of the felt campfire and s'mores I made for the grandkids.  I plan to write a longer, more involved post about it, complete with links to the patterns I used, on my regular blog. 

The kids were nice enough to set up the campfire, complete with stuffed animals toasting marshmallows and enjoying s'mores.  Then Sam (11) took photos!  (Only the next two are mine.  You can easily tell the difference in photo quality!)
I took this pic of a s'more without the lid on, back when I made them.
My marshmallow/stick photo was blurry, but I wanted you to have a closer look at them.
Animals busy toasting their mallows
He looks right at home in this woodsy scene!
So cute.  This guy must be a puppet.
A turtle and snail enjoy their s'mores!
So there are just a few pictures.  For more information, stay tuned and I will soon be putting a post with links and more photos on my regular blog.  If you have grandkids who enjoy campfires and s'mores, this might make a nifty idea for them for Christmas!


  1. Can't wait to see how you made them. I love it! would make great ornaments for the tree too.

  2. Hi Luludou!

    I've just now posted the links to these tutorials here in the Christmas kitchen. They've been on my regular blog for a little while, but I decided to add them here, too, because not everyone visits both blogs.

    The s'mores are probably a little big to use for Christmas ornaments, but you could just scale down the measurements for the graham crackers, chocolate and melted marshmallows to whatever size you wanted and they should work fine. Happy crafting!


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