Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Rudolph Day for June

This gorgeous vintage card is available in my Etsy shop, A New Hampshire Attic
I basically accomplished very little toward Christmas yesterday, June 25.  Still, I managed a couple of small things so thought I would share.

*  Two of my recent gift orders arrived from Shutterfly.  For obvious reasons, I can't share photos of them here or even say what they are, but it was fun to see them arrive and think about how much the recipients will hopefully enjoy them.  I haven't stashed either one in the gift closet yet, as I wanted to show my hubby how nice they came out.

*  I did a bit of planning toward Christmas in July here on this blog, which will be starting up in July.  I'm finding some wonderful ideas!

*  I had thought I would play some Christmas music on my tablet while doing a bit of cross-stitching last evening.  I decided against it only because of time.  I stuck with the "music for quiet studying" I'd been using, rather than take time to hunt up Christmas music.  That way I had just a few minutes more for cross-stitch.

See you here on Monday, July 1 for a whole month of Christmas in July!


  1. On Rudy day all I accomplished was working on a few craft ornaments for next Christmas.

    1. I think that is quite a bit to accomplish on Rudy Day, Lucie. More than what I did!


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