Sunday, July 05, 2015

A Christmas vignette with a baking theme (from An Extraordinary Day)

Photo by Sharon from Elizabeth & Co.
Okay, I may be taking a chance posting this one in July.  I know I tend to forget about decorating ideas when I find them too far ahead.  But if you have a Christmas notebook or journal, or even just a Christmas file on your computer, and if you enjoy holiday baking as much as I do, you will want to save this idea to use in December.

Vignettes are so appealing in decorating, and Christmas is just a wonderful time to use them.  Diane, at An Extraordinary Day, is so gifted at creating vignettes and then photographs them so beautifully to share the how-tos with others.  This idea of a Christmas baking vignette is so much fun!  This particular idea is a guest post by Sharon of Elizabeth & Co. and it is just lovely.

Not only is it pretty, and not only does it deliver a hefty helping of memories and nostalgia, but it is also useful.  The cookie cutters, sprinkles and rolling pin are right there should you want to bake up a batch of cut-out cookies!  The tiny tree and the jolly snowman add even more sparkle and fun to the scene.

When you click the link for the baking vignette, you will find that Sharon has shared many more photos to give you a better look as to how she assembled it.  I'm pretty sure one of these vignettes is going to find a place in my kitchen this Christmas!


  1. Cute!

    I use gingerbread cookie cutters that some were my grandmas and others brought to line the window ledge with greenery and put them on it.

    My cabinet handles, every so often I take cutters and put a piece of homespun thru them and hang every so often on top and bottom handles.

  2. Very cute. I'm always on the lookout for decor ideas for the kitchen.

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Very charming - love the red and green handled cookie cutters!


  4. Thanks, ladies! It's so much fun to have you all here in my Christmas kitchen to check out the baking vignette!

    Lana, those are some great decorating ideas for kitchen window sills and cabinet handles. Fun! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the reminder Mrs you I often have ideas in July that I forget about in December. Even Pinterest does not help me!! Right now I am working on a Thanksgiving Sampler that I hope to have done by November. I did do a post on a Sunshine Box the other day. It was fun putting together something to encourage a friend.

  6. Arlene, so nice to see you here in my Christmas kitchen! Will be looking forward to seeing your Thanksgiving sampler. I really enjoyed your post about the Sunshine Box. Some great ideas there!

  7. That's a lovely idea, especially with the red, green, and white cookbooks behind the baking items.

  8. I agree ... the red, white and green cookbooks add a really special touch.


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