Monday, July 27, 2015

Freezer Cooking for the Holidays -- a fantastic post from Money Saving Mom®

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 Are you like me -- resolving every year that this year you will be more organized with your Christmas preparations?  This post: Freezer Cooking for the Holidays from Crystal at Money Saving Mom will definitely move all of us toward that goal, particularly when it comes to kitchen gifts,  or treats to have on hand for guests or unexpected company.

For years I have stored baked Christmas cookies in tins in the freezer, or on a cold back porch,  for Christmas gift-giving.  Sometimes I have even baked tea breads or  fruitcakes and frozen them.  But Crystal has many more ideas, and her suggestions are great.  Check them out!

Another thing I've done is to make and freeze a few pans of uncooked lasagna to bake as needed.  Great for when you have a busy day or a houseful of company.  You could do this with any other freezable main dish, too.

Why not look through your Christmas notebook to see how you could implement freezer cooking into your Christmas planning this year?  You'll be glad you did!


  1. Thanks for sharing another great website!

  2. Great link. A friend of mine bakes for weeks before Christmas and freezes the cookies. It is a most wonderful gift to receive a tin of her cookies. Good idea to freeze a few pans of lasagna or another dinner entree.

  3. TFS, looks like a lot of ideals. Will have to check it out better when I have more time.

  4. Hi everyone!

    Pamela, that is just what I do with the cookies. Fudge also freezes well, and so do little loaves of fruitcake, pumpkin or cranberry bread, etc. Another thing that freezes really well is homemade granola. A jar of granola makes a great neighbor gift!

  5. Freezer cooking is a must if we don't want to get all frazzled during the holidays. thanks for the link :)

  6. You are so right, Luludou! You are welcome for the link and I hope you find it very helpful!


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