Thursday, July 30, 2015

Christmas teacup poem

This lovely teacup image is from The Graphics Fairy -- a fabulous resource!
In 2005 our dear friends sent us a pretty Christmas card with a detachable bookmark.  The bookmark featured a lovely poem I would like to share with you today.  I have tried to find the author but cannot.  Just know it is not original with me, please.  The artwork on the Christmas card was by Sandy Lynam Clough, so it's very possible the poem is her work as well.  Here it is:

The Christmas Teacup

The pretty little 
teacup was once 
just a lump of clay,
until God's loving fingers
gently molded it one day.

Stronger and more
beautiful the teacup
soon became,
as its true purpose
was defined, no
lifeless clay remained.

So, let's sit down
and share a special
cup of Christmas tea,
and thank the Lord
for all He does to
fashion you and me
into the folks He
had in mind long
before our birth ...
the loved ones Jesus
came to save when He 
came here to earth.

I have saved the bookmark all these years.  Now it is time to share the poem with others!


  1. Isn't it? And I love the teacup graphic I found to use with it, too. The Graphics Fairy is such a wonderful resource!

  2. Thanks, Luludou! I thought so, too!


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