Friday, July 17, 2015

Handmade, tape-trimmed gift tags

Photo from Flamingo Toes
Here is an interesting and easy looking project from the incomparable Bev at Flamingo Toes: Tape-Trimmed Gift Tags.  These are made with the printed EZ-Start Packaging Tape, plus felt, card stock, and all sorts of other crafting odds and ends. 

This looks like a really fun and creative project to try.  Finding the printed tape now, in July, might not be easy.  You might try looking online -- or maybe you are fortunate and already have some of this tape on hand. 

I think this would be a neat way to use up all those odds and ends of trims and buttons -- and you could even substitute scraps of Christmas wrap for the tape if you were determined to make these tags and couldn't find the tape.  My July is looking really busy so I probably won't try this project right away -- but I definitely do hope to make some of these tags!


  1. Great idea! hadn't thought of using those tapes for tags.

  2. I've just discovered washi tape for my planner and they have a lot of Christmas designs. Love these tags.

  3. Very cute idea!

  4. Thanks, ladies! So glad you like the idea! Pamela, I would think the washi tape would work well for these, too. I've seen the Christmas themed ones, and many are just lovely.


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