Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Christmas poem: "The Gifts We're Given"

In the Readers' Poetry Corner of the November/December 1988 issue of Country Woman, I found a lovely poem by Hilda Sanderson of Calhoun, Louisiana.  I'm so glad she mentions "faith so sweet" in the last stanza, for without that there would be no real Christmas at all.  Jesus' coming to earth is the true Reason for the season -- without His coming to die for our sins there is nothing to celebrate.  And indeed, there would be no real love in our hearts to share with others ... for that, too, springs from our relationship with Jesus.  Our families, and the love we share, are gracious gifts from Him.

The Gifts We're Given
If every gift was taken from
Beneath the Christmas tree,
And everything was gone except
The love of family ...

Then we would still have everything
 That makes the season real,
For Christmas joy is in the way
We make each other feel.

Just as long as love was there
Along with faith so sweet,
We'd still have a Christmas that
Was perfectly complete.
~ Hilda Sanderson

Hope you have enjoyed this poem!


  1. Such a sweet poem about love of family and faith! Indeed, we would not celebrate Christmas at all if not for His coming to us. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are enjoying your summer.


  2. I am glad you enjoyed the poem, ladies.

    Sandi -- yes, my summer has been busy but good. How I envy you living in PEI. Your description of the beaches in one of your posts made me wish to visit again. We have visited there I think around six or seven times, always camping at Cabot Provincial Park. We did get to the coast of Maine this summer though, while our daughter and family were visiting from Nevada. That is as close as we'll come to PEI this year!


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