Thursday, July 09, 2015

"A Country Christmas"

Vintage card from my collection
Here's another poem for you during Christmas in July!  This is another that I found in the Readers' Poetry Corner of the November/December 1990 issue of Country Woman.  This one is by Loise Pinkerton Fritz of Lehighton, Pennsylvania.


Oh, it's a country Christmas
That I am dreaming of,
With candles in the windows
And a home that's filled with love.

With children singing carols
As they trim the Christmas tree;
And Mother in the kitchen 
Baking treats for you and me.

A church upon the hillside,
And moonlight on the snow,
Oh, it's a country Christmas
That casts a special glow.
~ Loise Pinkerton Fritz

This lovely, nostalgic poem sparks so many memories for me!  How about you?


  1. Thinking I want a Country Christmas too!

  2. We lived in the city, but I love this serenity this poem brings!

  3. I have a church collection that I put out at Christmas. Love the poem.

  4. Thanks, ladies! My grandmother always had the colored electric candles in her windows at Christmas and that is what I picture when I read the words "with candles in the windows".

  5. Such a beautiful scene. I've always wanted to go to a little village with a church like this for Christmas. After a week of researching vintage decorations, and now seeing this lovely card, I am resolved to find a few vintage cards to put into frames to add to my decorating. They are such a lovely touch.

  6. Oh, isn't it beautiful, Pamela? And I can so relate to your love for the vintage cards. I have a small collection and I truly do use them, not just keep them stashed away. I've scanned them all, too. You can find a lot of neat, reasonably priced vintage items on Etsy, so you will want to check out that source if you haven't already.


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