Monday, July 06, 2015

How to make your own vintage style "bottle brush" trees

Photo from Flamingo Toes
If you love bottle brush trees as much as I do, you will probably want to try this project from the amazing Bev at Flamingo Toes -- Faux Vintage Bottle Brush Trees.  As you will see, these are crafted not from bottle brushes at all, but from foam cones and sisal rope.

Bev has designed these in a couple different sizes, and notice how the small ones have a base made of a vintage spool of thread.  I have a bunch of these on hand!

Bev also gives some great ideas for trimming the trees.  Some are even lighted!

Shaping the trees (by "pruning" them with scissors) doesn't look difficult, but it could be messy.  This might be a great project to do outside on the picnic table this summer.

I hope to try this project, and will definitely post photos if I do!


  1. What a great idea, I'm definitely going to check this out.

  2. Oh, please do post about it on your blog if you make some of these! Glad you like the idea!

  3. Me, too! I am really hoping to make a few to use with vintage thread spools.

  4. Cousin It with a bad bleach job! I love it! I have never seen these before - I must look for those tiny lights - I can think of a dozen uses for them.

  5. So much fun! I hope to look for some of those tiny lights too.


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