Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eggnog Coffee Cake -- a great idea for Christmas breakfast

Photo from Crumbs and Chaos
This coffee cake sounds like a  fantastic idea for Christmas breakfast.  Here's the link: Eggnog Coffee Cake.  It's from Becca at Crumbs and Chaos.

This delicious-looking coffee cake contains real eggnog in the cake and in the glaze.  I personally think a good coffee cake is a wonderful addition to any special breakfast, but this one would be perfect for Christmas.  I had pinned it to my original Christmas board on Pinterest long before I had such a thing as a Christmas Breakfast board.  So now I have pinned this Eggnog Coffee Cake to that board, too.  That way I can't lose track of it!  If I find myself with time to bake on a cool summer morning (assuming we have some), I will be trying this recipe out ahead of time!


  1. Doesn't it? I really want to try this one soon if we get some cooler weather.

  2. Eggnog & cake... nothing better!

  3. Mm---mmm! Does sound like a great combination, doesn't it?


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