Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Fruity Pastel Spritz

Photo from Taste of Home
I was sure I had posted this recipe here, but apparently not.  (I know I've posted the photo, though.) Back in June, I went looking for the recipe on both my blogs.  I had made this recipe in summery flavors for a retirement party and wanted to link to the recipe.  But a search of both blogs revealed nothing but the photo.  So, here is the link: Fruity Pastel Cookies.

Incidentally, if you too are interested in making these cookies for summer, I made several batches of them.  I ended up not using the cookie press because the cookies it produces were just bigger than what I wanted.  If you have a smaller, older cookie press it would work just fine.  These cookies get their pretty color and nice flavor from Jell-O® -- just the dry powder as it comes from the box.  So, for summer flavors I used lime, orange, and cherry lemonade.  The orange ones were particularly nice, but they were all good.

Hope you enjoy these cookies, whether you try them now or in December!


  1. Cookies!
    Just what I need ;)

  2. These are so easy and pretty. Have fun with them! I think these would be a great cookie swap cookie.

  3. I love spritz cookies!

  4. I do too, and I have some great spritz recipes. But I surely do need a different cookie press! I got an Amazon gift card for Mother's Day, so will check out cookie presses there, I guess.


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