Sunday, July 12, 2015

A useful handmade gift -- Casserole Holder to sew

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For today, let's think about a really useful handmade gift -- this Casserole Tote to Sew.  I have this pinned to my sewing projects board on Pinterest.  Prior to pinning this, I had seen a friend using one of these and was so impressed with how pretty and useful it was.  I asked her if she had made it, but no, it had been a gift from someone else.  Not long after, I found this project via and promptly pinned it.  It has been one of my most repinned pins, so I guess others are interested in this idea too.

As I looked it over in preparation for writing this post, however, I noticed that this project requires the use of a serger, which I do not own.

So I went looking for another tote that did not require use of a serger, and found this one: Casserole Dish Carrier.
Photo by Jolen Loves to Sew
This looks to be the same general concept as the other one, but without needing to use a serger.  I think these would make fantastic handmade gifts.  I certainly plan on making several!


  1. With the insulation material and the dowels, this doesn't look like it is machine washable. I guess you just spot clean it if something spills? I love the idea that you can make your own - you can tailor the fabric to any season or event.

  2. Cute carriers. If you had where the dowels just slipped in and out, it would wash. Nice ideal to pair with a dish, recipes and kitchen items for a gift.

  3. Hi ladies!

    So nice to see you here! Pamela, I think that these carriers should be machine washable. The dowels (at least in the second link I shared) are removable. I looked up the insulated batting in my Home-Sew catalog, and both of the types I looked at are machine washable. That pattern also has you using a piece of pegboard as a firm base for the carrier, but the pegboard is just slipped in. It can be removed for washing.

    Hope I can find time to make a few of these. I love them.

    Thanks for visiting my Christmas kitchen!

  4. I'd love to receive one for Christmas! but not sure I could sew one.

  5. I bet you could, Luludou. The second tutorial looks fairly straightforward.


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