Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy Rudolph Day!

A glittery handmade house made by my friend Les
Happy Rudolph Day to all!  Some of my friends at the Our Home for the Holidays craft forum took part in a Christmas in July gift exchange and I know they will be opening their gifts today.  Such a crafty, thoughtful bunch of ladies -- the gifts will be fantastic and fun, I know. The house at the top of the post was included in the gift package I received one year when I was able to take part in the swap.  My friend Les excels in making these putz houses and I was so excited to receive one!

One site I visited for Rudolph Day ideas suggested that during July, one should plan to have all of the stocking stuffers purchased.  I think that's not a bad idea!  For quite a few of our empty-nest years, my hubby and I filled stockings for one another.  In recent years we've decided to forgo even the stocking stuffers and save all of our gift money to spend on getaways during the year.  It's actually much more meaningful and fun for us than buying gifts would be!

Another idea I found was that if you are making your own Christmas cards, July is a good time to get that done. 

And yet another thought is to check your list and make sure at least half of your gifts are purchased or made.  Good ideas!

Hope your Rudolph Day is a special one!


  1. Good tips, thanks!

  2. I have missed the last couple of Rudolph Days - must make time next month.

  3. Glad you found the tips helpful, Vicki!

    Pamela, I am pretty famous for letting Rudolph Day get away without observing it in any way. Maybe one day life will get less busy!

  4. I always have a list of stuff to do for Rudolph day... sometimes I DO them :)

  5. Luludou, I have lists too ... if only I would look at them! Rudolph Day always seems to sneak up on me!


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