Saturday, December 22, 2007

Embellished work socks make nifty decorative stockings

Here is a fun and easy project you might like to try. I found this idea in a Gooseberry Patch Christmas book -- I believe it was book #2.   These are the Leisure Arts/Oxmoor Press Gooseberry Christmas books, and they are wonderful!

For this project, you basically take old work socks or boot socks and embellish them with patches of Christmas fabric, Christmasy buttons, etc. I sewed the patches on by hand, and the ones on the heels actually are covering holes in the socks. I love the way these gray socks with the red and green stripes look, embellished this way -- so festive looking. But you could also use (and I have) the brown/ecru “monkey face” socks with the red heels.

I made stockings like this with each of my grandkids’ names on them too, just for fun -- used the sew-on red alphabet buttons. These socks are really too stretchy to be used as a proper Christmas stocking, but they make nifty additions to your Christmas decor.

Hope others may have as much fun with this idea as I have!


  1. How cute! I love them - thanks for sharing

  2. So happy that you like these, Lucie! I bring mine out every year.🎄😊


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