Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Rudy Day gets away

From a favorite vintage coffee advertisement.  I love the variety of cups hanging by ribbons from the Christmas tree!  The snowflake tablecloth is so pretty too.
Yes, this past Saturday was Rudolph Day for August.  And it completely got away.  I'm busy with planning and preparing for a visit from our faraway daughter and family, coming mid-September to stay three whole weeks.  And then there is just life in general.  Lots of time spent on preparing my Sunday School lessons for the next several weeks, garden to harvest from, weeds to pull (not keeping up with that!), cleaning to do, and on and on.  I'd love to bake some things for the freezer (to serve while our company is here) but the weather's been a bit too warm to do much baking.

Thus, on Rudy Day I did not do one single, solitary Christmasy thing.

One thing I have been working on sporadically this week is cutting out pieces for pieced Christmas placemats like this one:

They match the runner I made a couple of years ago.
Well, they sort of match.  I guess "coordinate" might be a better word.  The fabrics will vary for each of them -- I am hoping to make ten mats -- because I am just using up scraps.  I'm finding, though, that rather than using up all of my stash of scraps I am creating a good number of smaller scraps of Christmas fabrics.

Any ideas for using very small scraps of Christmas fabric will be welcome.  I'm thinking of using some for card making and gift tags.


  1. Don't fret...I forgot about it too!! LOL!!
    Love this idea about the placemats and runners!! I wish I had more time so I could try all these craft ideas!!
    Have a wonderful visit with your daughter and your family!!


  2. Oh, I do feel better knowing that someone else didn't get to it, not just me. It really sneaked up on me. I had plans to do some Christmas crafting that day, but being Saturday it was a busy day and I just didn't find the time.

    Glad you like the place mats and runners. They are easy and fun to make, and best of all they help use up my stash of Christmas fabric (so I will not feel bad when I buy more)!


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