Friday, August 24, 2012

Simple table topper from vintage fabric

This week I took a few minutes to narrow-hem the vintage red and green print remnant I showed earlier.  It came out the size of a small table runner, which means I will be able to use it in various places in the kitchen and dining area -- dining table, kitchen island, hutch, etc. 
The little bouquet is flowers from going-to-seed mustard greens in our garden.

Thought you might like to see the vintage doily as well.  This is a handmade doily from my mother's linen closet.  Someone had given her a set of two.  She passed them on to me some years ago.
I am pleased with how this quick little project turned out.  It looks great in my strawberry themed dining area, and will look nice later with Christmas decor as well.


  1. I just love vintage fabrics. Your table runner is so sweet!

  2. Thanks, Vicki! I had this stashed away for years, not sure what to do with it. Now I have found a use for it and can enjoy the fabric often.


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