Monday, January 26, 2015

Some fun papers with snowy themes

"Snow Globe" themed papers
I'm usually not much into impulse buys on the way out of a store, not even in places like Jo-Ann Fabrics where they have those nifty bins of $1 items to tempt customers waiting for the next cashier.  Just before Christmas, however, I was waiting in such a line in Jo-Ann's -- a very, very long line, even though it was a weekday afternoon.  I had gone into Jo-Ann's looking for something very specific -- a large gift basket to fill with goodies for some friends with a large family.  I found it, too!  On clearance already, since it was so close to Christmas!  It was definitely worth waiting in a lengthy line for, since I'd looked a few other places already and had found nothing that would work.

As I stood in line, I browsed the $1 bins a bit.  I also made a quick foray OUT of the line.  The lady in front of me had her arms filled with pretty Christmas tins.  These tins were a bit different in that they had a large, round window in the lid to show whatever the contents of the tin might be.  She was planning to use hers for caramel corn.   Immediately I knew one of those would be perfect for the cinnamon pretzels I planned to include in the gift basket.  The lady told me where to find one and I quickly exited the line, leaving my shopping cart in place.  I found the tin and scurried back just as another shopper approached.  These great tins (which I wish I'd gotten a picture of) were also on 75% off clearance, which made it even sweeter.

Back to the bins.  Sometimes I am not sure if the items in those bins are all $1, or not, and the signage isn't always really clear about that.  So when I spied some really cute little packages of winter-themed paper, I wondered if they could possibly be $1.  Thankfully, Mr. T was with me and he took the paper to the nearest price finder.  Yes, $1!  By then the line was moving, or I would surely have picked up a couple more packages.  This paper is so cute!
"Hot Cocoa" themed papers
Not sure if you can still find this at Jo-Ann's at this point, but it's worth checking if you are interested.  I'll be sure and post about any crafting I do with these papers!


  1. I really like the Snow Globe paper pack! We don't have Jo-Ann's up here, but Michaels has those bins. Except they're $1.50. Everything just has to be more expensive here, even if it's just 50 cents more! LOL

  2. The Snow Globe is my favorite too, Susan. I really liked a couple of the papers in the Hot Cocoa pack too -- especially the wood grain and the one with the words like "pine", "marshmallows", "candy cane", etc. It all reminded me of coming in for hot cocoa after hours spent sledding on snowy hills as a child.

  3. Hi Mrs T, I love your paper pads, what a bargain! The wood grain would look good as a card using some twine wrapped around and with a greeting. Oh so many ideas!

  4. Hi pinksparkle!

    Thanks for stopping by my Christmas kitchen! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the papers. Yes, that's a great idea for the wood grain paper. It might look nice with a silhouette of a deer or other woodland animal, too. As you said, so many ideas! I won't live long enough to create everything I want to!


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