Saturday, May 28, 2016

Snowflakes on a warm day

snowflake-frame scene with church
In hopes of making myself feel a little bit cooler on a ridiculously hot day, I am going to post scans of some gorgeous vintage snowflake cards.  It's hot enough so that the weather service has posted a "special weather statement" concerning the dangerous heat.  It's about 90ยบ but feels much, much warmer to me.  Very humid too. 

So I found these beautiful cards tucked into a box of assorted leftover Christmas cards at my parents' home.  I'm going to simply share the remaining four scenes and call it good.  It's very hot in this computer room.  So here goes:
A little girl with forest creatures -- fawn, bunny, squirrel
Shepherds and Bethlehem.  This one is my least favorite because snowflakes just don't seem to fit with palm trees.
Forest scene with deer
And a festive front door!
Hope you've enjoyed these lovely cards as much as I did!

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