Friday, September 30, 2016

A pretty sort-of vintage card

The scan came out with a faded look...
I'm continuing to find interesting vintage Christmas cards as I do some cleaning at my dad's home.  I think this card is probably from the 1980s, which would make it 30 years old.  So, I guess it could probably be considered vintage at this point!

The round framed scene actually looks more like a 1950s card, doesn't it?  I like the way it's framed with greenery, berries, and a red bow. 

The quote is new to me, but I like it:

"Winter, in all its splendor, 
means nothing without the joy 
our Savior's birth has brought."
~ Jennifer Neal

Hope you have enjoyed seeing this pretty card today!


  1. Such a pretty card!! Thanks so much for visiting!! I hope to try to get the mini tree done for Christmas this year..We will see how much time I have with work and a newly retired husband!! LOL!!

    1. Oh yes .... my husband has not yet retired, but I know life will change in more than one way when he does.

      Hope you do get the mini tree done. It's going to be so sweet.

  2. Pretty card, my mother in law would love it

    1. Thanks, Lucie. I thought it was so pretty, and a little different.


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