Thursday, September 01, 2016

Thinking out loud ...

From a sweet calendar my girls loved as children.  So thankful I thought to scan the illustrations!
So I'm just thinking out loud here.  My dear hubby, Mr. T, told me some time ago (in fact, it was probably last December) that he didn't want me to be all tired out this coming Christmas.  To that end, he was establishing a deadline by which all handmade Christmas gifts must be completed (other than cookies, fudge, or other kitchen gifts).  The deadline is December 1st, and has been written on the calendar from Day 1 of 2016.

Some may see that as heavy-handed, but I know that he has my best good in mind.  He has always been very willing to pitch in with other things while I work on the handmade gifts.  He hates seeing me get so tired, however.  So I've been willing to work with that very reasonable deadline on the calendar.  After all, that's always been one of the main reasons I work on handmade gifts and Christmas preparations year round -- to free up December so I can really enjoy Christmas!

A couple of weeks ago I was challenged by something another blogger wrote about the importance of saying No to good things.  In that post, the blogger, Christa, linked to a fall planning workbook she was using. (It's free, so you might want to download one for yourself!)  As I thought, just a little bit, of what my summer has been like, and about what I want my autumn to look like, I began to seriously think about not doing handmade gifts (other than kitchen gifts) for the family this year.  For awhile I've been considering making the handmade gifts for birthdays, and giving consumable family gifts at Christmas.  I do have a few handmade things started for this year, and will finish them up.  And  I'll definitely be creating a few handmade things for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Beyond that, I haven't decided for sure yet.  I'll let you know!

But regardless of what I decide, I do plan to be here in the Christmas kitchen just as often as possible, and I'll have plenty of recipes along with crafting and decorating inspiration to share.  I'll stop in again very soon!


  1. What a caring husband you have. I think it's great that he wants you to have a more relaxed Christmas season yet also understands your desire to handcraft gifts. And what a good solution to give the handcrafted gifts for birthdays!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments, Vicki! Yes, he is very caring and loving and I know he has only my good in mind. I'm thinking I'm probably going to proceed with just finishing the things I've started and call that good on handcrafted Christmas gifts for this year. I know that realistically I have more than enough to do this fall without adding more pressure to my life. Stay tuned... and thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I think your husband has the right idea in mind. I try to make my Christmas crafts before Nov 1st... mostly I have time to work on them from January to March :)

    1. I know he has the right idea, Lucie ... especially now that we are into October. Life has been crazy but I need to find time to make some lists and timelines ... and then work my plan!


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