Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sweeping down the cobwebs once again ...


 Yes, it's almost time to brush the cobwebs away from the door of the Christmas kitchen!  Every day during December, I'll be here in the kitchen with a new post for you each day.  There will be recipes, of course, but also poems, crafts, memories, decorating ideas and devotional thoughts.  Maybe more, who knows?

This is my annual Christmas present to all of you.  I hope to also blog daily in December (different posts!) over at my regular blog, Across My Kitchen Table.  See you tomorrow in the Christmas kitchen!


  1. This sounds wonderful!! I can't wait to see what you have to share each day here from your Christmas kitchen!! I am getting such a warm cozy feeling already just thinking about the wonderful smells and flavors and happy things that will be happening here!! Thank you for this lovely Christmas gift!!

  2. Oh, I hope you enjoy your time here, Pam! I love my Christmas kitchen and so enjoy sharing it with others. I will look forward to seeing you here each day!


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