Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Come on into the Christmas kitchen!


Yes, come on in and let's get started with our planning for 2021's Christmas baking!  I have made a tentative cookie baking list and Mr. T is eager to get started on baking his way through it.  We had our first measurable snow on November 27, and I usually like to start cookie baking the day of the first real snow.  But he was busy that day, so ... 

So, if you are here and you ordinarily bake Christmas cookies and haven't started yet, then obviously the first thing to do is sit down here at my Christmas kitchen table and make a list.  Below is mine.

 It seems like a shockingly short list, but we will see.  Tentative lists are just that, and have a way of being added to and subtracted from.   And of course, each of those cookie varieties listed is likely to be made at least in a double batch, maybe a triple.

So ... you have your cookie list.  I will cover other lists (like the candy list, and the kitchen gifts list) probably Friday, but for now let's consider the cookie list. 

Now, you need to get another piece of paper and begin a shopping list.  You will want to check your pantry and make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients on hand.  Read this post: Check that pantry for the how-to's.  

If you want, you can get a step ahead of me and make a tentative candy list and a tentative kitchen gifts list ( which is for things other than cookies --like breads, scones, snack mixes, spiced nuts, and the like).  

Of course, maybe you are many steps ahead of me and made your lists in October or November.  If so, I heartily applaud you! 

See you here tomorrow in the Christmas kitchen, friends!

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  1. You had measurable snow? We had snow that lasted a couple of hours. Is your snow still with you? I often feel like baking when the weather is snowy.


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