Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rudolph Day for March

(Photo by Photos Public Domain)
 ... didn't amount to much.  Sundays in winter are busy for us, with Sunday School (Mr. T and I both teach), morning service, potluck lunch, and then a 1:30 pm afternoon service.  Still, the fact that Rudolph Day came on a Sunday this month shouldn't have made a huge difference.  That afternoon service takes the place of a 6 pm service, so technically we have most of Sunday afternoon and evening free.  Often, I get a lot of crafting done on a Sunday afternoon.

But not this time.  I just had ten minutes or so to spend on a Christmas gift-tag making project.  We  had phone calls to make and return, a sink full of breakfast dishes still to do (when grandkids are here, we make waffles on Sunday morning), and the weather had cleared from rain in the morning so we also wanted to get out for a nice long walk.  

Fortunately, I did get some Christmas crafting done on Saturday.  Just a little but it counts, right?  I cut out some more pieces for the pieced Christmas placemats I'm working on,
and did quite a bit of work on the tag-making project.  These were the projects I'd planned to work on during Rudy Day, so I did get something done toward them.

I see that the Rudolph Day for April falls on a Wednesday, which happens to be a very busy day for me when I'm not home much.  So I think I will need to plan ahead to celebrate the day on Monday or Tuesday and hopefully have a more productive Rudolph Day next month.

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