Saturday, November 24, 2012

The joy of handcrafting for Christmas

A lovely handmade pin made by my friend Ruth
Few things bring me more joy than sitting at my sewing machine or my little crafting desk and creating a gift or decoration for my own home or for someone I love.  At such times I feel perfectly content.  It's even nicer if I have a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea at hand and the snow is falling outside the window!

Some time ago, I read a lovely post on The Legacy of Handmade by Myra at My Blessed Life.  I have been meaning to share the link here ever since, because Myra's post captures much of what I feel about handcrafting gifts.

My handmade gifts are not perfect, but I hope they will be a blessing to the recipients and will become heirlooms of a sort.   I hope too that they will inspire others -- especially my children and grandchildren -- to continue the joyous tradition of handcrafting gifts for others.


  1. How sweet! I am a cross-stitcher, so anything from that genre always catches my eye. I give a few handmade gifts each year, and they are my favorite gift to receive.

  2. Hi Vicki!

    Yes, the pin is so sweet, isn't it? I love to cross stitch also, but am not likely (ever) to stitch anything on 22-count fabric! She did a lovely job though.

    I agree, handmade gifts are my favorites to receive as well as give. Thanks for stopping by my Christmas kitchen!


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