Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Christmas poem: The Shepherd

Another July Sunday, and here is another Christmas poem from a vintage Christmas Ideals magazine.  This one, by John Davenport Womack,  is written from the point of view of a shepherd at the manger.  I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.


I do not think I'm likely to forget
The brilliance of the star that blazed that night,
And in my ear the song's resounding yet
Of that celestial choir whose voices bright

With hope and promise filled the shining air;
Rang from the nestling hills, rang from the earth
Where slept our flocks that night, all unaware
These voices heralded a Saviour's birth.

We went into the stable where He lay
And my poor gift of love placed at His feet.
He smiled on me.  The place grew bright as day,
And there was peace, ineffable and sweet.

-- John Davenport Womack

The nativity scene at top features a stable made by my dad, and the lovely figures they had used over the years.  I have always loved the shepherd boy with the lamb across his shoulders, and am so happy to own these figures now.


  1. Sweet poem. Very special nativity!

  2. Liked the poem but love the nativity set... and that was before I read it was made by your dad... even more priceless


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