Monday, December 17, 2018

Ladies' Christmas brunch at church

This past Saturday we enjoyed a ladies' Christmas brunch at church.  We invited ladies from another area church as well as friends, coworkers, etc. and we had about 25 who gathered at 10 a.m. for brunch.  Everybody brought something so we had a lovely variety of brunch foods -- along with a nice fruit punch, lots of coffee, and the options of tea or hot chocolate as well.
The pretty plaid "tablecloth" is actually wrapping paper!
Even a chocolate fountain with lots and lots of fruit!
My friend Ruth had offered to head up this entire event, which was just wonderful.  In a small church, with no pastor at the moment (and hence, no pastor's wife to take the lead in things like this), it often falls to the same people to take on ladies' events.  So when Ruth volunteered to orchestrate the brunch, it was a great relief.  She did invitations, planned a devotional, provided music, decorated, and much more.
A few ladies during the song time.  Ruth is in the red.
When I asked on Wednesday night how she would like the chairs and tables arranged in the fellowship hall, she simply replied that she planned to spend most of Thursday (her day off!) at the church and would take care of it herself.   What a servant's heart she has!  She did say, though, that she was not planning on bringing any of the food, just the drinks.  And there was certainly more than enough food!  People shared so generously with what they brought.

Above you see one more of Ruth's contributions to this special event -- a faux fireplace that she designed, constructed and decorated.  It really came out so nicely -- the photo does not do it justice -- and added a cozy Christmas ambiance to our fellowship hall.  Her hubby actually sneaked over to the church on Friday and added the birch logs for an added touch of realism.

Ruth's devotional centered around Psalm 90:12 -- "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." -- and the necessity of using our time for the glory of God every day, but paying special attention to this during the busy Christmas season when so many events vie for our attention.  It was a wonderful reminder and a lovely event.  Thank you, Ruth!


  1. Oh what a blessing for all those women who attended. Ruth sounds like a sweetheart and her husband, too, for thinking of the birch logs. Everything looked so festive. You ladies did a fine job of Sparkling. (1John 1:7)

  2. Thanks, Vee! It was a real blessing, I think. I remember back when our church first started in 1982, our pastor's wife planned a Christmas fellowship for ladies and it was such a blessing. It's something we've tried to continue over the years.

  3. Great idea for the plaid tabletop. It was very nice of her to do that for the women.

    1. It was indeed very nice of her, Lucie. She's such a creative lady as well as a kind and generous one.


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