Thursday, May 07, 2015

Another Rudolph Day got away!

Found this free graphic online years ago -- I forget where.  It's an illustration from the Jolly Old Saint Nicholas book I loved as a child.
Yes, Rudolph Day for April got right by me.  I had thought I would try and celebrate at least a little, but no Christmas crafts were made, no Christmas tea sipped, no Christmas music listened to.

Over the next couple of days, though, I took some time to browse through some Gooseberry Patch Christmas books I'd purchased used on Amazon.

Book 13 -- photo from Amazon
Book 14 -- photo from Amazon
If you have never thought of buying used Christmas books, head over to Amazon and see the selection.  The pricing, even on hardcovers (which these were), can be amazingly low.  I still haven't finished browsing through these, but when I do, I will hopefully write some book reviews.  These feature the wonderful projects, recipes, handmade gift ideas and decorating inspiration we've all come to expect from Gooseberry Patch.

Even though my Rudolph Day got away, these books are mine to keep -- and I'm enjoying them!


  1. I love Gooseberry books. I own several of their cookbooks and my favorite thing about them is the tips and stories provided with the recipes. I'll look forward to the posts your new books inspire!

  2. They are wonderful books, aren't they, Vicki? My sentimental favorite is book #1 -- the photography is especially gorgeous and creates such a country Christmas mood. And the projects are wonderful too -- I've made several from that book.

    I have loads of their cookbooks too, and have had recipes and crafts published in several, for which I received a free book. Have you ever tried submitting a recipe, memory or idea to them?

    My hubby just got a free book for having his waffle recipe published. I mentioned that on my regular blog, but know I have many visitors here who don't read that one. Guess I will have to post about it here as well. I want to do a review of that book too -- it's a keeper.

  3. I have some of these cookbooks too and I love them.
    Didn't know Amazon had used books, thanks for telling me!
    I am working on some felt popsicle ornaments these days

  4. I buy some from Amazon and E-bay

  5. Hi ladies!

    Yes, Luludou, I have found some great prices on used books on Amazon. Some have free shipping but many do not. Still, who minds paying $3.99 shipping when the book is only 1¢?

    And Lana, thanks for visiting! I have also found some Gooseberry Patch books on Etsy. But I have found that Amazon has the best prices overall. Please stop in and visit my Christmas kitchen anytime! I have made plans to be here in my kitchen every day in July, to celebrate Christmas in July!

  6. I love Gooseberry Patch books!

  7. Me too, and I love it when I can get them free or inexpensive. I think their Christmas in July sale has just ended without me ordering anything. I usually try to get a few books for gifts during that sale.


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