Wednesday, April 01, 2015

"Best Wishes" ~ another vintage card

I love this vintage Christmas card from my friend Ann.  The little cabin is reached by a snowy lane by which only one vehicle has traveled.  By observing the large tree in the foreground and the snowy fence, one can see it has snowed heavily.  (Although one does wonder about the trees back by the cabin -- how is it that they have no snow on them?)  Now, however, the stars are out.

The cabin is welcoming with lights glowing from every window and a fire in the fireplace.  One can just imagine steaming mugs of coffee, hot cider or cocoa -- and perhaps the hostess is pulling a pan of piping-hot apple crisp from the oven!

The interior of the card is pretty too:

 As always, the fonts are unusual and varied.  And I love that the cabin can be seen in the distance.

And here is the patterned part of the card's back:

The rest was just white so I cropped it out.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing this lovely card from my collection!

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