Friday, November 13, 2020

Week 1 of the holiday planning challenge


 Has anyone else jumped into the 2020 Holiday Planning Challenge with  A Virtuous Woman?  As I shared last time, it began Monday, November 2.  This was sort of bad timing for me, since we were out of town until November 3.  We were up north visiting our friend Charlotte at her cabin, and got back on Tuesday the 3rd (Election Day) just in time to get to the polls and vote.

The time away was great, although not exactly what we planned.  It was a quick visit; we arrived on Sunday around 5:30 and would leave Tuesday after breakfast.  Since Monday was to be our only full day up there, we thought we would maybe do some hiking on a nearby trail or at least go for a nice long walk.  It was not to be.  On Monday, it snowed pretty much all day.  Much of the time we simply sat and visited on the lovely glassed-in porch.  I did, however, get to work on a Christmas project as we chatted, as well as a birthday gift.

I am making a crocheted stocking like those above for a new member of the same family, expected to arrive December 20 or thereabouts.  While at Charlotte's, I completed the stocking (making it solid red this time) but the name tag will have to wait until we know the baby's name.

So the time was pleasantly productive even with the snow.  All of this to say, though, that I didn't get started even a bit with the planning challenge.  Later that week I did print out weeks 1 and 2 of the plan, but that's about as far as it got.  I just resigned myself to being a week behind with it.

So this week I've done just a few things toward week 1.  I bought some extra butter on sale to use for Christmas cookies, and I bought some shelled pistachios and some dried cranberries on sale to put in my Christmas granola.

I got out my Christmas card list which I began updating months ago and then set aside.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I only have 15 addresses to update.

And happiest of all, I managed to clean three kitchen drawers this week, including the silverware drawer mentioned in week 1.  That is a huge accomplishment and I attribute my increased energy levels to the 40-day sugar fast.  (Today is Day 28, and I'm feeling so great that I hope to continue fasting from sugar after Thanksgiving has come and gone.)

So, even though I'm a week behind with the planning challenge, I'm very thankful to have made some real progress this week!


  1. Yes, I am getting started in small ways as well Mrs T. Love the stockings!! I hope to mail my grands Christmas ornaments to them next week. I have put out a few Christmasy things as I like to do one small thing each day. It will just be us and Amelia and Todd for Thanksgiving so I can start decorating for Christmas.

  2. Sounds as if you have more than made up for that week in other ways. You have really accomplished a lot. While I am not following any specific list, I am plugging away at those things that must be done. With God's help, the day will arrive and I'll be ready. My car trunk finally was unloaded. ☺️ I think a new baby at Christmastime is especially wonderful.


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