Monday, February 26, 2007

A favorite felt snowman ornament

I've mentioned before about the treasured antique ornaments given to me by a great-aunt. Still tucked into the ancient brown shoebox in which she gave them to me, they include colorful, tarnished glass balls, shiny cardboard reflectors to place on the old-fashioned colored lights, and some cute felt ornaments. 

There are two of these snowmen, and I love them. They are made out of white felt in approximately the shape of a snowflake. Each snowman's head is a wood ball with painted features and a three-dimensional red nose, and they wear black top hats. They sport green collars and have red "berries" for hands and feet.  

Right now, the winter/Valentine tree is still up -- we put it up for our family Christmas which we celebrated on Feb. 17. I've trimmed it with hearts, snowflakes, icicles, a sled or two, etc. -- and these two snowmen. 

 I feel so thankful to have had such very special ornaments passed down to me!

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