Monday, June 11, 2007

My Christmas Notebook, Part 2

Time to share a few more things from my Christmas notebook! Filed in this next area are a bunch of ideas for kitchen gifts -- some tried, some not. These include recipes from newspapers, magazines, and some I've printed off the internet. I have a few pages from gift catalogs which inspire me as to the contents and packaging of food gift items.

One important item is a list of food gifts I turn to again and again, to which I've added a short list of new items I want to try and a couple of reminders to myself. Here's the list:


Heavenly Delight

Special Holiday Fudge
Coffee Walnuts
Chocolate-Covered Almond Brittle
Orange Pecans
Chocolate Peanut Morsels
White Christmas Bark
Four-Chip Fudge

Want to try:

Cookie Dough Truffles
Maple Peanut Delights
Chocolate-Covered Fruit Jellies

* Zippy Horseradish Pickles are great!

* Fantabulous Flapjack Mix always a good idea for guys!

(Reading over this list reminds me that there are a couple of candy recipes I still need to post here!)

Here, I also have some ideas for labeling my kitchen gifts, and a few poems I've written to accompany such gifts. For example, the Snowman Soup recipe found on Organized Christmas -- I've written my own verse for that, as I personalized it to give as thank-yous to kids who worked hard on a Christmas musical. And so on.

Also in this section I have some entertaining ideas clipped together -- a favorite punch recipe, how-tos's for a cookie exchange, some special appetizer recipes, and tips for stress-free entertaining.

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