Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 25...

... was Rudolph Day for June!

I must confess I did very little to celebrate. Once I remembered that it was in fact Rudolph Day, I did do a couple of things:

* Looked over my timeline for completing Christmas crafts. (I'm several months behind, mostly owing to eldercare responsibilities, craft planning and preparation for Vacation Bible School -- which started yesterday -- and increased busyness with writing projects. But I'm beginning to think about getting back on track with my Christmas crafting and can see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel -- I hope.)

* Looked through a couple of magazines for ideas for Christmas kitchen gifts for the coming year.

* Checked in at the Organized Christmas craft forum, a place I haven't made time to visit in weeks. Found I had a message from a lady who'd stumbled across my Christmas Kitchen blog and is enjoying the posts. That made my Rudolph Day!

* Glanced through my Christmas notebook in the Rudolph Day section and discovered that the main emphasis for June's Rudy Day is on gathering up our Christmas recipes. Yay! I can say I've been working on that one...

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