Saturday, January 26, 2008

Helps for Christmas planning through the year

Lately I've been trying to put in a little time organizing my Christmas notebook. I'm nowhere near as organized as I want to be in my Christmas planning, but my notebook is in pretty good shape and it has really helped me a lot in recent years. This year, I found a couple of forms particularly helpful and thought I would mention those in case others aren't aware of them.

One form I used a lot this year is called RECIPES TO TRY. I am famous for finding recipes I want to try for the holidays and then... I can't remember where I saw them. This form prevents that dilemma. It has a place to write down the name of the recipe, and a space for the main ingredients of the recipe (I use this space to jot down whatever ingredients the recipe calls for that I wouldn't be likely to have on hand). Then there is a space to put down the location of the recipe -- say, the name of a cookbook or magazine -- and even a space to write what page number it's on. And there's a space for a checkmark to show that you've tried the recipe. I find that there's even room in the margin of the form to jot a word or two as to how I liked the recipe -- "Excellent!" or "Quite good!" or even, occasionally, "OK" or "Not worth the trouble."

Another very helpful form is the GIFT CLOSET INVENTORY. In it, you jot down what gifts you have on hand and who you intend them for, and for what occasion. I currently have gifts stashed away for a couple of birthdays and an anniversary in addition to Christmas, so this is helpful. In my case, I have several different storage spaces for gift items (consolidating them all to one area has been on my mental list for a long time!) so I often jot down exactly where the item is stored as well.

I used the FREEZER INVENTORY a lot for keeping track of food gifts I made ahead and froze. I highly recommend this one too.

Another great form that I haven't gotten around to filling out this year is the HOLIDAY DEBRIEFING form. It helps you identify what worked, what didn't, and what you might like to do differently next year.

Well, these are just a few of the forms I keep in my Christmas notebook. Here's a link in case you aren't aware of where to find these. Have fun getting organized!

Printable forms for holiday planning.


  1. That's what I call organized Mrs T. I can now see where I've been going wrong all these years! I had better take a leaf out of your book and get myself sorted I think! Lovely blog (and fabulous winter centrepiece). Jennie

  2. Oh and P.S. Your kitchen reminds me of mine with the big black stove and brass pans hanging on the wall.

  3. Hi Jennie,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my Christmas kitchen! I am so glad that you've found some good ideas here.

    That centerpiece was so much fun.. I am so thankful for Kelli and her generosity in sharing ideas. Isn't it interesting how her centerpiece and mine turned out so different even with the same inspiration?

    Yes, this kitchen is reminiscent of yours, going by your photos. What fun.

    Have a great day!


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