Saturday, January 26, 2008

My winter centerpiece

Recently, on Kelli's blog, There is No Place Like Home, she posted pictures and directions for a wonderful winter centerpiece she made. Kelli was inspired by an illustration on a Marjolein Bastin calendar. And I must shamelessly admit that I was inspired by Kelli! It immediately occurred to me that I had almost everything on hand that I would need to make a similar centerpiece.

I love to have a centerpiece on my dining table, and the gingerbread house I'd had there for weeks was looking tired. I felt that the basket Kelli designed, with ivy, apples, pine cones, nuts and berries, was just what I needed to perk up my table. I did have everything on hand... I didn't need to buy anything new.

What I love about this centerpiece is that it could easily be dressed up or down. Kelli's is more dressy than mine, with its sheer red ribbon. One could use most any type of red ribbon -- organdy, satin, velvet, whatever -- or even a metallic gold or a forest green. I think it would look just lovely on an ecru lace runner with a shiny brass candlestick on either side. But I chose to put mine on a homespun place mat, which gives it a much more casual, rustic, woodsy look.

I am so appreciative of Kelli's willingness to share her talent and wonderful ideas with everyone. And I love, love, love my new winter centerpiece!

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