Monday, February 04, 2008

Living in a Christmas card...

One snowy night a few years ago, Mr. T and I decided to go for a walk in the falling snow. It was snowing in big, soft, fluffy flakes, and we felt as if we were walking inside a snow globe!

Ever since I was very small, the idea of being able to be little and live inside something -- like a snow globe, or a dollhouse, has fascinated me. One of my earliest memories is of listening to the radio (TVs were rare and expensive back then) and being convinced -- by my own imagination -- that there were little people inside there acting, broadcasting, and singing. Couldn’t I see the lights from their little studio? How hard I tried to peek through the cracks where the light was coming from, to get a glimpse of those little people at work!

In a similar way, I could lose myself in looking at a Christmas card or even a wrapped gift. My grandmother wrapped the most gorgeous Christmas gifts! I would get so entranced with looking at all of the gifts under her tree and imagining what it might be like to live in the scenes depicted on the wrapping paper. I seem to remember being summoned out of the front room where the tree was, as if people were afraid I would be shaking the gifts to see what was in them, or maybe unwrapping them. They couldn’t know I was only looking and imagining!

This year I did something that was so much fun and sort of fulfilled my childhood wish of living in a Christmas card or on gift wrap. I own many, many vintage Christmas cards, as well as newer ones with scenes I would love to live in. I scanned them all into my printer’s imaging gallery, then turned them into a screen saver just for my own use. Now I have these lovely images the size of my computer screen. During the Christmas season, if I was feeling stressed, I would activate the screen saver and just watch it for a few minutes. As one lovely scene faded into the next, I would find myself relaxing. After a few minutes I would feel refreshed and ready to return to my tasks.

Do you have a collection of favorite cards? You might like to try making them into your own personal screen saver for next Christmas.

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