Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About the heart on that rag garland...

Just another thought I wanted to add. Several people have asked me about the red felt heart that I have hung from the center of this garland. As I mentioned in the post, I bought this a number of years ago at Cracker Barrel, after Christmas. I didn't buy it specifically to go with this garland (although it does go perfectly!) but rather, I bought it because I thought it would be easy and fun to make these ornaments. I just added it to the garland on a whim one year and liked how it looked. For those who would like to try making their own holly heart ornaments, here's how they appear to be made.

Basically, it's 2 red felt hearts either fused together, or possibly made with the adhesive-backed felt and the two just pressed together. They are blanket-stitched around the edge in green. Green felt holly leaves (which appear to be double thickness as well) are machine-stitched in place. In the center of the three holly leaves, there are 3 red pompoms for holly berries. A thin red cord has been threaded through the top of the heart and knotted for a hanger. Red crochet thread would work as well.

Maybe this will be the year I make some of these! I'm determined this year to work on Christmas things all year long. I seem to say that every year, but I really, really hope to do so in 2009.

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