Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rag Garlands

Last night I put up the rag garlands over my kitchen window and corner cupboard. It occurred to me that others might like to make some of these, so I searched here in my Christmas kitchen to see if I had ever posted directions. Apparently not! So I thought I would take a minute and put them up here now. I made these many years ago, and they are still in great shape. Here's what to do:

For a base, use either jute twine or heavy rug yarn. Mine are made on dark green rug yarn and I like that better because the color just blends in with the rag strips and even if they shift a bit it doesn't look as if there are any bare spots. Make the length of the yarn or jute as long as you want your garland to be. 4 to 6 feet is a good length, but do measure if you want to put your garland in a specific spot. Just hang the yarn up there, let it drape down as it will when the garland is hanging, and cut the base material to length accordingly.

For your rag strips, you may use homespun or Christmas prints or anything else you like. You need more than one color or design. A combination of 3 is ideal. It will take approximately 2 yards of fabric for a 4 to 6 foot garland. My kitchen ones have a green/white plaid, a green Christmas print and a red pin dot. Cut or tear the fabric into strips 4 inches long by 2 inches wide. I tore mine and like the look, but the cut ones will fray over time and working with them, too.

Now just tie the strips onto your yarn or jute, alternating colors of fabric. This is a very relaxing project to work on in the evening because it takes very little thought or work. I have also worked on these while waiting at the doctor, dentist, or waiting for someone at the airport.

(I've read about the idea of tying one of these garlands to a string of lights or even tying the fabric strips directly onto a string of lights to make a lighted rag garland, and have always thought it a neat idea, but must note that I don't know for sure how safe this is and have never tried making one of these. Maybe this will be the year.

The photo shows the garland over my kitchen sink window. From the center point I have hung a nifty heart ornament purchased at Cracker Barrel after Christmas a few years ago.

Have fun with this idea!


  1. I LOVE it Mrs T. I am going to go through my rag bag for materials in the appropriate reds and greens and make a start on this later today - I even have some green jute garden twine in a cupboard in the kitchen. What a splendid idea - thankyou.

  2. Hi Jennie,

    I hope you have fun with this idea! The garlands work up very quickly and easily.

    Stop by my Christmas kitchen anytime!

    God bless,

  3. Gosh, I love it too, Mrs.T! It's the same idea that I used making my easter wreath. The rag strips for that were tied to a coat-hanger that was shaped into a circle. The kids did one each for their bedrooms in different themes.
    But this garland looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. That is SO cute. I am going to put that on my list to make for next year. I always go out and buy material after Christmas when it is marked down. I will get some to make this.

  5. Thanks, ladies! I am so pleased that you all like this idea. I know you will have fun with this project whenever you are able to make one. And Jennie has already completed one!

    God bless you all,


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