Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A favorite ornament

I'm hoping to post here every day of the Christmas season, but missed December 1, so am going to post twice today.

Here is a favorite ornament of mine which I bought years ago at an after-Christmas sale at Cracker Barrel. It depicts a fluffy-tailed mischievous squirrel hanging onto and peeking through tree branches which spell out the word "Joy". Sometimes this ornament hangs on the tree, other times it hangs in a window or doorway. Wherever I hang it this little squirrel makes me smile!

To the left of the squirrel is an old-looking newer ornament from a set I bought at an after-Christmas sale at Target, I believe. The colors and sheen of this ornament make me think of the old-fashioned ribbon candy my grandmother always had on her candy table at Christmas. To the right of the squirrel is a candy cane ornament made from tri-beads.

Have you begun your Christmas decorating yet? I've put my ribbon board up in the front hallway and filled it with the usual vintage cards, and placed the "December" illustration from a Tasha Tudor calendar in its frame in the hallway, but so far that's all the decorating I've done.

Happy December, everyone!

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