Thursday, January 08, 2009

Stuffing a stocking for a baby

In 2006, I crocheted five of these stockings for the five grandchildren we had then. In 2008, two new grandchildren were born who needed stockings too. Now, I didn't necessarily intend for these stockings to be the ones they would hang up on Christmas Eve -- the stockings are quite small (and stretchy too) and also the design has a lot of holes in it. I just thought they would make a nice decoration and would be something that they could always keep which had been made by Grammy. Two of my grandchildren are using these as their regular stockings, and that makes me happy too!

Anyway, for the new ones this year, I found myself in a hurry to get them stuffed and no good ideas for what to stuff them with. Last time I gave these to infants, I used things like teething toys, little slippers, etc. But this time I hit upon the bright idea of just buying a package of baby socks and wrapping each pair individually in tissue paper to stuff the stockings. I bought a package of 8 or 10 cute girly socks for the granddaughter, and the same amount of athletic-type socks for the grandson. This really went over well with the parents, who thought it was a clever way to stuff a stocking.

Maybe someone else could use this idea as well! It might even be a fun gift at a baby shower.

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