Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baking List for Christmas 2009

While we were away I also made out a tentative baking list for the Christmas season. Something on it is sure to change -- I may leave something out or try some different recipes -- but I thought it was a good idea to make a tentative list so I would have more of an idea as to what ingredients to buy. Incidentally, Walmart has been having a good price on Gold Medal all-purpose flour -- the 5 lb. bags are $1.50. Their butter is $2. So we have been stocking up somewhat. Here's the list:

Whipped Shortbread*
Eggnog Logs*
Sacher Torte Cookies*
Peppermint Cookie Wands (or possibly Peppermint Tree Spritz)
Almond Raspberry Thumbprints
Chocolate Dipped Maple Logs
Double Drizzle Pecan Cookies

Breads/Cakes (to be made in mini loaves for gift giving):
Golden Apricot Cakes*
Cranberry Lemon Bread
Chocolate Fruitcakes

Heavenly Delight*
Snowflake Fudge
Pistachio Cranberry Bark

* Recipes marked with a * are "must-makes" for our family during the Christmas season.


  1. Hello, Mrs. T! I'm a college friend of Carrie's & I saw your link on her blog so I came over to check it out. The Sacher Torte Cookies sound very interesting to me (I have a friend who lives in Vienna & I have have the amazing opportunity to sit in a Viennese coffee house sipping a melange & enjoying some wonderful sacher torte!). I just might have to google a similar recipe...
    You seem like a very organized lady! I'm good at making lists, & then more lists, then lists of get the idea :-)
    Haev a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Mary Ann!

    I am so happy that you stopped by! Although I don't get to post here as often as I'd like, I encourage you to look through the archives. I have tons of recipes and other ideas posted from past years.

    How neat that you could actually visit Vienna and taste real Sacher torte! I'm not sure how authentic tasting my cookies are, but we love them. The recipe is actually here in the 2007 archives.

    I have tried a number of times today to share the link, but can't. So, if you want to find the recipe, just type Sacher Torte Cookies into the search box at the top left, and the recipe will come up. I think it will be the third post down on the page.

    Hope you enjoy these if you try them!


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