Friday, February 19, 2010

Paper twist angel ornaments

The angel in this photo is one of my favorite handmade ornaments. Years ago when my daughters were at a Christian boarding school, their school held a craft fair in the fall. I always loved crafting ornaments for that fair, and this paper twist angel is one of several I made at that time. It was a pattern in Country Handcrafts, later called Crafting Traditions. Ever since, I've wanted to make more of these because they really are very cute.

I've kept all of the supplies on hand. I literally had everything I needed to make more of these angels, but I just hadn't found the time. I even acquired, by way of someone else gifting me with their crafting leftovers, a number of the cute little puffed satin stars and other shapes to use for the angels to hold. Also, over the years I've found other cute little items like wreaths. gifts, lanterns, etc. that would work well in the angels' "hands". I just didn't make any angels...

Fast-forward to this year. After Christmas, I decided I really wanted to make at least one of these and send it to a dear friend. My friend loves the color green and so her angel had to have a green dress. I would have given the angel dark hair like my friend, but couldn't find the dark doll curls I know I have somewhere. Her angel would have to be a blonde! My friend also enjoys tea and all things tea-themed, so I wanted her angel to be holding a teapot. Lo and behold, I had several teapot ornaments I had made years ago out of Sculpey® clay (also from a Crafting Traditions issue). I simply cut the gold hanging thread off one and glued it in the angel's "hands".

Voila! A very customized ornament for a very dear friend!


  1. Very cute! I'm sure your friend will really enjoy her sweet angel!

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann! Yes, she did like her angel, very much! I sent it in a New Year package with some tea, a teatime cookbook, and other goodies. Now I can't wait to make some more of these. The pattern was much easier than I had remembered, after all these years!

  3. Delightful angel ornaments !Our readers at often collectors and crafters looking for ideas.

  4. Thanks, Maggie! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the angel ornaments. Stop by and visit again sometime!


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