Monday, February 08, 2010

Two projects from last year

I may have showed these projects before, but want to do so again. They are both a good reminder to me of the wisdom of working on Christmas projects all year round. These are both things I finished last spring or late winter, projects I found in some old Christmas magazines and just wanted to make. It was such fun getting them out to use this year!

This little red felt skate was so much fun to make!

I adapted it a lot. The top cuff was supposed to be fake fur. I used some jumbo loopy chenille which I had on hand, and really liked the result. This project came from a 1960s Christmas magazine.

After taking down the Christmas tree, I couldn't bring myself to put the little skate away just yet. I hung it on my Christmas ribbon board. But then, when I took that down, I added the skate to my Valentine ribbon board, where it fits the wintry, red and white theme just fine.

This table runner which I made last spring turned out to be a real lifesaver this holiday season.

I used it Christmas Eve and far beyond. We had a houseful of people most of January. This runner covered so much of our table (even with all the leaves in) that it was very helpful keeping the table clean and also cushioning serving dishes. This project was from a 1980 Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine and I just love the result. It makes me smile every time I look at it. This winter I hope to make some of the matching placemats.

So if there were Christmas projects you didn't get to this past holiday, don't give up and just put them away. Go ahead and work on them right now! Next Christmas, you'll be glad you did.

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